Vision in Your Heart . . .

Hello Dreamers,

Often times God gives us a vision of his will for our life.  With excitement and zeal, we run with it ready to see the work of God come to pass in our life.  However, that excitement and zeal can sometimes lead to the will of God changing to our personal will.  While praying that God keeps me from turning His will into my will I was reminded of something I heard the day before . . .

“Live according to the vision in your heart not the sight in your eyes

– Dr. Miles Monroe

The sight in our eyes can cause us to reinvent the will, making it our own.  Then it seems as if suddenly you find yourself lost in the chaos.  When you find yourself surrounded by the noise and unsure of what to do next, the answer will always be to go down to get up.  Going down by humbling yourself and praying to ask God for direction will always result in God lifting you up to higher heights.  Where will God’s vision for your life take you in 2017?  Remember dreamers the realization of your dream requires that you keep one foot in front of the other.


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