We Made It . . .

Hey Dreamers,

There’s less than 12 hours remaining in this year and I have to say that it has been a challenging one. However, the word says “test and trials come to make you strong.” I have been challenged on ALL sides this year.  Nevertheless, I would not take any of it back. This character building year has strengthened me in a way that was not possible without every experience and instance of adversity that I’ve faced.  There’s been many tears, cheers, and moments of melancholy.  Yet, I MADE IT.

Many say that this year hasn’t been great, but I challenge you to take a look back. Think about who you were at this time last year and who you are now. I’m willing to bet that you are better, stronger, and greater than you’ve ever been regardless of the money you make or material possessions you have.

So, I challenge you dreamers to maximize the strength you’ve gained this year by using it to move forward in 2017.  Dreams without action are only dreams.  But it’s time to awake from the dream and use the character built through the trials and tribulations of this year to make your dreams a reality.  Be on purpose about bettering your faith, fitness, family, finances, and friendships.

Have a happy and Productive New Year dreamers.  Remember to keep one foot in front of the other.


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