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Speaker • Consultant

Collette Portis is a motivational speaker who has been afforded the opportunity to MOTIVATE audiences in many arenas including corporate, non-profit, higher education, religious, and K-12.  She has more than 20 years of leadership and speaking experience PASSIONATELY delivering touching and TRANSFORMATIVE training resulting in tangible takeaways to promote action, change, and continued improvement.

Collette began her journey as a leader and entrepreneur early in life.  This decision thrust her into leadership positions not only in her family, but in her school, amongst her friends, and on her job.  These experiences have equipped her with the words and wisdom needed to INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE her audience. Collette has been admired for her ability to persevere through life’s challenges turning the obstacles into opportunities.  She inspires audiences to lead, preserve, and embrace change through gaining understanding and perspective.  Whether Collette delivers a keynote, breakout session, workshop, or participates in a panel discussion her delivery is moving, honest, confident, and motivating.

Her workshops, seminars, training, and keynotes have been described as LIFE CHANGING, ENGAGING, and INTERACTIVE.  It is Collette’s belief that everyone has something to offer and everyone has something to learn.  She has made it her mission to inspire audiences to live their best life by discovering their VOICE, TALENTS, and PURPOSE.  Her core focus is inspiring the leader within, LIVING every moment, and motivating dreamers to become doers.

What They Say . . .

Very motivational and awesome message. You inspired me to challenge myself to find the positive in what initially appears to be negative.

–  Workshop Participant, Retired School Teacher

Collette, you have added so much to our lives in all the great things that you do and help us to accomplish!  Your spirit is one that aligns with “things above” and that resonates through – in your ability to communicate effectively and purposefully.  But not only that; when you speak it is with deliberation – because you truly have something to say: that being said all the audience is enthralled be it that you have commanded their attention with the spoken word or simply because it’s just plain ole’ good!  

– Tessa Snowton, Northwestern Mutual

Most Popular Presentations

 Everyone Has Something to Offer (Leadership & Motivation)

Human capital is invaluable.  It is the gift that keeps on giving if cultivated.  So why not give this gift a platform on which to thrive.  In this interactive session, Collette shares her personal lessons learned while helping participants

• Discover their unique gifts

• Learn to recognize the gifts in others, and

• Combine their gifts for maximum impact

I Did That On Purpose (Change & Perseverance)

Each day we travel through time as if we have an endless supply.  Most often we fail to recognize the gift of 24 hours in a day.  Therefore, we miss the opportunity to maximize each moment with purpose.  Collette

• Provides audiences the tools she uses to be on purpose, both in her personal and    professional life and

• Helps them find their way to a purpose-filled day

It Cost Me (Financial Awareness)

The foundation of our financial knowledge is, get a good job, put your money in the bank, and spend money.  These are the 3 principles of personal finance.  Or are they?  This course offers its participants

  • An opportunity to understand how money works
  • How to eliminate debt
  • What it means to prepare for retirement, and
  • How to make your money make money for you

There’s An Entrepreneur In There, I’m Sure of It (Motivation & Perseverance)

Designed to reignite the passion in business owners, dreamers, and entrepreneurs, this workshop focuses on developing a strong “WHY.”  Using her experience as a fellow business owner, Collette moves participants from frustration and lack of focus to the rediscovery of their passion and drive to chart their own path through self-employment. Participants will

• Identify the activities they would do if money did not matter

• Explore why the business is important to them, and

Determine how those passions can be used to move the business forward even when faced with challenges


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